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Selected Articles & Reviews

Vital Source Magazine
August, 2006,  “Inside The Artist's Studio: An afternoon with David Lenz,” by Peggy Sue Dunigan.
Article online at:  http://vitalsourcemag.com/story/view/1001160

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
July 17, 2006,  “A different Lenz: Son forces local artist to see the 'perfect' world with new eyes,” by Mary Louise Schumacher, Front page of the Cue Section, large color photographs.  Article online at:  http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=469866

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
June 23, 2006,  “In a father's experience, perfection: Shorewood artist's work earns top award in national contest,” by Mary Louise Schumacher, front page, color photograph.  Article online at:  http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=440433

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
October 21, 2004,  “'Moon Halo' ringed with artist's optimistic view of life,” by James Auer, color photograph.  Article online at:  http://www.jsonline.com/story/?id=268412

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
January 14, to February 4, 2001,  “Canvas & Plow: A Wisconsin Elegy,” by Crocker Stephenson. A four-part series in the Sunday paper starting on the front page and continuing on the front pages of the Lifestyle section.  A full-12 pages long, multiple large color photographs.  Article online at:  www.jsonline.com/news/farm

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
September 21, 2000,  “Climbing a Hill: Mural Pays Homage to the Bravery of Children with Illnesses,” by James Auer, front page of the Cue section, large color photograph. Article online at: http://www.jsonline.com/enter/finearts/sep00/lenz21092000.asp

Porcupine Literary Arts Magazine 
Winter 1997,  “David M. Lenz: Portrait of a Social Realist,” interview by W.A. Reed, multiple photographs including the front and back covers.

WTMJ Channel 4 
September 6, 1997,  “Cover Story: Milwaukee’s Children,” produced by Jennifer Liautaud, six-minute-long feature story and interview.

WUWM Milwaukee Public Radio
December 1994,  “David Lenz Profile,” by Bob Bach, six-minute-long story and interview.

Milwaukee Journal 
July 3, 1994  “Before the Fireworks: Art Imitates Life to Immortalize a Milwaukee Tradition,”  by James Auer, front page of the Entertainment section, large color photograph.

WITI Channel 6
October 13, 1991,  “Inner City Artist,” by Boyd Huppert,  six-minute-long feature story and interview.

Milwaukee Sentinel 
June 9, 1991,  “Fruitful: Pappa Sendik Portrait Reaps Memories,” by Crocker Stephenson, front page, large color photograph.

Milwaukee Journal 
July 12, 1990,  “Through the Eyes of an Artist: City’s Good Nature Shines Through in Painter’s Realistic Look at its Neighborhoods,” by Nick Pabst, front page of the “Neighbors” section, large color photographs.

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